Nutrition tutorial – part 1

A healthy body means healthy eating and physical activity. So many health problems can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle. More and more children (and parents) struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. There simply isn’t time in the slot allowed for a physical to teach about nutrition. The Internet is full of fad nutrition advice and unhealthy strategies to lose weight. It can be hard to find good and trustworthy resources for developing a healthy lifestyle. I have collected a series of links to pages with solid, sound nutritional advice and have created a self-guided tutorial on healthy eating.

How can I talk about weight (a sensitive topic) with my child? Talking to your child about weight.

Emphasizing health over weight.

Lesson 1: Reading a nutrition label

Basic info on reading a label: click here.

Take a quiz on your knowledge here.

Optional: Want to read a label like a nutritionist? Advanced label reading info here.

Lesson 2: How much should my child eat?

It can be hard to know how much your child should eat. This calculator allows you to enter your child’s weight, sex, and age and it will give you a daily food plan.

Once you have a plan – knowing healthy portion sizes is key.

Here is a link to a page about portion sizes for young children.

Lesson 3: My  Plate

The My Plate is a nutrition guideline. It advises that half of your plate be fruits and veggies. So for example at dinner, you might have cooked carrots as well as some salad or sliced fruit. One-quarter is meat or other protein and one-quarter is starch. Often our meals are heavy on the starch, often simple carbohydrates like regular pasta or rice. Few people eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. This can lead to unhealthy weight gain. Following the My Plate guidelines can lead to a healthier family and to losing weight.

Here’s a link to a My Plate webpage.

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